Joy Love, Owner + Stylist

Joy loves working with people and encouraging them to tap into what makes them unique because that’s what makes them beautiful. Her specialties are color, cut, and styling, but she places a special emphasis on healthy hair. Joy consults with her clients and teaches them to develop their own healthy hair care and beauty regiments. 

“Healthy hair is important to me,” says Joy, “as important to me as having a job. At the end of the day, extensions or hair coloring is just a bonus to healthy hair.”

From highlights and ombre to balayage and texture, Joy stays current on all the style trends and techniques, so her clients can have a range of options. But style is personal, and that’s why she also does individual consultations. “Do what looks good on you,” she says. “Not everything is for everyone.” Joy collaborates with her clients, and together they develop a plan that she executes beautifully. Everyone leaves The Hair & Image Studio ready to live and love life.

 Krystal McGhie, Stylist

Krystal McGhie, Stylist

Krystal has been a stylist for the last five years. Being immersed in the fashion and beauty business for as long as she can remember cultivated her love of hair artistry and helping individuals look and feel their best. She is a licensed cosmetologist in Colorado and for the past two years has worked as a hair restoration specialist in Greenwood Village, CO. In June 2018, she joined the Hair and Image Studio as a Stylist.

In addition to her love of people and creating through hair styling, Krystal's craft is rooted in the science of hair and she is highly passionate about healthy hair care. Her goal for every client that sits in her chair is to create a look that is an outward expression of themselves while maintaining the integrity of their hair. In addition she strives to educate clients on how to maintain an at home beauty regimen.

As much as she is skilled, Krystal is a student of the industry. Believing that knowledge is infinite, she stays current on trends, styles and techniques through a variety of classes and shows.


On the Runway

303 Denver Fashion Week, 2012-2014
RedBall Show, 2013
NYFW, 2016

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